VitalNext is a powdered medical nutrition. VitalNext is unique as you can mix it with food or drinks of your own choice. This makes it easy to use. The composition of VitalNext complies with European guidelines for medical nutrition and has been extensively tested in patients.

Food for special medical purposes

Medical nutrition and malnourishment

If you suffer from involuntary loss of weight, loss of muscle mass/function or if you are unable to retrieve sufficient energy and nutrients from your regular diet, your doctor or dietitian may prescribe the use of medical nutrition.

Medical nutrition may be useful in getting all the nutrients and energy that your body needs. It needs to be used under medical supervision and will be prescribed as a supplement to your regular diet or as a complete replacement of regular food.


You can mix Vitalnext with your regular food so that you can follow your own preferences with respect to eating patterns and with respect to taste. Depending on your preferences you can mix 1 or more tablespoons with your other food. As a general principle you can mix approximately (at least) 1 tablespoon of powder per 75 grams of regular food or liquid. More powder per portion is allowed. The amount per serving is not so relevant as long as your daily intake matches the amount that is prescribed by the health care professional.


You may mix VitalNext with a variety of products including juices, dairy products, soup and hot meals. In a hot meal VitalNext can, for instance, be mixed with mashed potatoes, gravy or vegetables. In this way Vitalnext will be divided over the entire meal and will have less effect on the taste of the original food. You could try mixing VitalNext with various drinks including, for instance, as creamer in your coffee. Perception of taste is highly individual and it is, therefore, worthwhile to try various foods to discover  in which products and what quantities VitalNext works best for you.


Please pay attention to the following:

  • If you cook a product (with VitalNext already mixed with it) too long, lumps may develop.
  • If you want to mix VitalNext with a soup or sauce you can best mix it with the product before heating. This will avoid the development of lumps.
  • After mixing with a liquid it is advisable to consume the drink not long thereafter. This will avoid development of lumps

Frequently Asked Questions