VitalNext has been developed as an alternative to more traditional liquid products (sip feed). It contains all ingredients that are required for a complete nutrition. Its composition differs from existing products and complies with European guidelines.


Results of these studies have been published and presented at international meetings. See, for instance, the following research papers that have been published in independent ‘peer reviewed’ scientific journals:

A. M. van den Hoek , G.C.M. Zondag, L. Verschuren, C. de Ruiter, J. Attema, E.C. de Wit, A.M.K. Schwerk, B. Guigas, S. Lek, A. Rietman, R. Strijker and R. Kleemann (2019) Metabolism 97 57-67. A novel nutritional supplement prevents muscle loss and accelerates muscle mass recovery in caloric-restricted mice.

P. Grootswagers, E. Smeets, A. Oteng, L. de Groot (2021) Aging 13 (7) 9398-9418: A novel oral nutritional supplement improves gaitspeed and mitochondrial functioning compared to standard care in older adults with (or at risk of) undernutrition: results from a randomized controlled trial.

VitalNext is an easily mixable product formulated as a powder. It can be mixed with all kinds of food and drinks including products with sweet or savoury tastes. In this way patients can easily follow their own taste preferences.


VitalNext complies with al legal and regulatory requirements for the composition of medical nutrition.


The powder differs from traditional medical nutrition in a number of aspects:

  • The protein in the product consists for 50% of whey protein and 50% of casein both derived from cow’s-milk.

Also, (additional) amounts of the following ingredients have been added:

  • Branched chain amino acids (Leucin, Isoleucin and Valine).
  • VitaminD (11 microgram per 100 gram)
  • Ursolic acid. A natural ingredient found in apples and other fruits, but also in certain herbs such as rosemary.

Nutritional Values